“Trevor Borden has called many locales home. He grew up in Kenya, then moved to Portugal as a teenager, landed in Southern California as a young adult, and now resides in Texas. It’s easy to imagine that frequent relocation, especially between places so culturally disparate from each other, would make fora lonely life. But Borden always finds home on the stage and common language through music.” - Monterey County Weekly

"I don’t honestly remember how I first came across the talented singer-songwriter, Trevor Borden, but over the last three years I have listened to every song I could find by him a dozen times, and some significantly more than that. His music seemed to strike the perfect balance of simplicity and complexity, and his imagery keeps his lyrics consistently fresh. " - Joe Cheatwood,  Luddite Gospel Mission

“As far as debuts go, Trevor Borden’s Giants aims high and hits its mark... The ballads are somber, contemplative, and move from hushed to swelling in just a few bars. Still, what sets Borden apart from his contemporaries is also what makes Giants work so well. Rather than flooding the four-song EP with overwrought harmonies and sing-alongs, Borden spends most of the record alone at the mike, and his booming and gravelly voice is perfectly suited for this type of music making.” - Aly Comingore - Santa Barbara Independent

“Giants oozes a humble confidence, like the kind earned after a long solo journey. The intimate relationship he has with his music is audible, though it's hard to escape the thought that he's holding back on most of Giants' tracks. Tracks like "The Light" and "Giants" are dying to be played around a ruckus campfire, or to be yelled while driving on the Pacific Coast Highway.” - Jake Blair - Earmilk






Born and raised in rural East Africa, Trevor Borden developed a pioneer's heart. His booming voice and gravelly songwriting are the core of his riveting performance. His dedication to the road and the continual refining of his craft is not fueled by the illusive promise of grandeur but by the idea that music has the power to connect us and make us feel less alone.


Trevor Borden was born in Nairobi, Kenya, and was raised in the bush, the setting that may be the single most influential element to his craft. His musical pursuits began in high school when he moved to Lisbon, Portugal. Playing electric guitar in a punk band, Trevor was first introduced to the stage in the underground rock scene. In 2007 Trevor made another continental jump--this one landing him squarely in the golden light of southern California. Over the next several years, he started a small side project, called The Sounds of Lyon Fell, and led his college band, The Way Much, on a national tour. Soon after touring, Trevor released his first solo EP, Giants. 

In 2014, Trevor got married and left southern California to explore his old stomping grounds on foot and by bike. He now lives in Dripping Springs, Texas with his wife Karly, and is currently touring the USA promoting the upcoming release of his new 6 song EP, "Creek Road". Trevor describes his sound as folk, country, americana-inspired, and strives to write personal stories that connect with young and old.